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Youth Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment

The Freeport Community Foundation Board of Directors awarded a $4,000.00 grant from the John M. Drogosz Youth Substance Abuse Prevention/Treatment Memorial Fund to The Rosecrance Foundation at a grant reception on August 17 at the Rosecrance Marlowe Recovery House.

Dick and Marianne Drogosz presented the award to Anne Boccignone, VP of Communications and Development.  Also in attendance were Dan and Nancy Schmitt representing the Freeport Community Foundation and staff and clients from Rosecrance Marlowe House and Rosecrance Hillman House, teen recovery homes.

The Rosecrance Foundation will use the grant to purchase fitness equipment, including a treadmill and stationary bike, for Rosecrance’s recovery homes for adolescent boys and girls. This long-term residential program is designed to develop independent living skills and provide ongoing support, safety and counseling in a drug-free setting after completing a primary treatment program. With this equipment, clients will be able to further integrate recreational activity into their daily lives.