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Sit-to-Stand Lift

In spring 2018 the Freeport Community Foundation funded the full cost for a sit-to-stand lift for Malcolm Eaton Enterprises. This Hoyer Journey device is used to transfer patients between two seated positions.

It will be most commonly used to assist individuals moving from a wheelchair to a seated position when using the bathroom, though it can be used to transfer people to and from any two seated positions.

This device is meant to replace the manual stand and pivot transfer that is performed frequently by caregivers when transferring a weight bearing individual from a seated position, to a standing position, and back to a seated position. This device significantly reduces the risk of a fall for the individual being transferred, and reduces the risk of a back or shoulder overexertion injury for staff.

“The Freeport Community Foundation has been a longtime supporter of Malcolm Eaton Enterprises and of individuals with developmental disabilities in our community. We are thankful to have their continued support.”   Malcolm Eaton Enterprises