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Project Scrub

It may be hard to visualize facility care as an important part of delivering quality programs. However, programs that develop positive youth development require resources such as staff, materials, supplies, equipment and funding. Equipment purchases are made to support facilities and infrastructure that are essential to providing suitable meeting spaces for the programs that deliver meaningful outcomes. BGC offers both evidence based programs and best practice strategies that provide kids with a fun, safe and constructive after-school and summer program environment.

The purpose of Project Scrub is to provide a practical way for keeping the Boys & Girls Club’s floors clean, especially during the winter months. In 2018, the Club had over 720 registered members that participated in programs throughout the year. The foot traffic is very high in almost every part of the facility, in particular in the gymnasium where the space is shared with Amity and NICAA Head Start. The proposed purchase of a floor scrubber in the spring of 2019 is expected to help maintain the gym floor over the life of the equipment, reduce the time spent cleaning all floors, and help preserve and maintain the appearance of King Campus for future years to come.

FCF is a proud supporter of Project Scrub!