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Play Ball!

FCF’s grant funding to Little Cubs Field helped to complete the construction of 5 rows of bleachers, 36 feet long, in left center field at Little Cubs Field, creating an additional 100 seats for events. This added another iconic feature of Wrigley Field to the venue giving visitors a truly unique Wrigley Field experience in miniature.

Little Cubs Field was a grassroots project with over 170 businesses donating labor, materials and discounts to make it happen. It was built in 2007 with 95% of the labor being donated along with much of the materials. Since the opening pitch was thrown out by Dutchie Caray in April, 2008, visitors from every state and 38 countries have visited Little Cubs Field. It is most likely the most frequent reason visitors come to Freeport for the very first time. The Stephenson County Visitors Bureau has estimated that Little Cubs Field adds at least $300,000 per year to our local economy from visitors and events. Little Cubs Field makes kids feel like grown-ups and grown-ups feel like kids. It is a true intergenerational activity for families.