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Art that Activates!

This year, FCF again funded Summer Artivation: Art that Activates.


This collaborative program is between the Freeport Art Museum (FAM), the Boys and Girls Club of Freeport/Stephenson County and the NCS Youth home. Artivation integrates dynamic arts activities into three art camps at the Boys and Girls Club and a specialized summer curriculum at the NCS Youth Home. The program is designed to be part of an effort to prevent what is known as “summer slide” and to promote learning throughout the summer.

Artivation provided enrichment and cultural activities to 355 youth from the Boys and Girls Club and 20 from the NCS Youth Home. Several of these set a high standard of creative achievement, such as one that asked students to draw the bone structure of an imaginary creature and then build it using art straws and fasteners. This project utilized science, math and engineering principals and illustrated how these concepts can be applied.

FAM also partnered with the Rockford Dance Company to introduce students to traditional ballet movement and techniques.