Creating a Fund

The Freeport Community Foundation offers the flexibility of multiple fund options including both permanent and non-permanent funds.

A broad range of fund types addresses the wide range of needs and goals to improve life in our community. By establishing a fund, donors wishing to give back to the community where they live, work, raise their children and prosper, or have been a member of the community in the past can carry out their charitable interest and make a significant difference in Freeport and surrounding communities for generations to come.

Funds may be established by individuals, groups or organizations; a fund can be established with a single gift, or built with multiple contributions.  Funds can be anonymous, named for the donor, or titled to highlight the fund’s purpose.

We will help select the best option to meet donors’ charitable goals and will draft a Fund Agreement to spell out the details.


No one has ever

become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank